Conversa:Curso de lingua galega/Catro normas para falar e escribir

Os contidos da páxina non están dispoñibles noutras linguas.
En Galilibros, o Wikibooks en galego.

Forgive my comment in English. As an en-speaker with moderate fluency in es and pt, I followed most of this article until O "n" velar. Obviously it's difficult to learn a language with a text in that language, but would it be possible to add some more examples or a sound file to show what's going on? Cheers, - PhilipR 05:21, 19 decembro 2009 (UTC)

You are right. But I guess the people doing this wikibook has so much knowledge of English as you of Galician XD.
I'll try to record the word "unha" (a good example of that "n"), and "the other n" is the one you use for "no" (in Spanish, Galician, English and probably Portuguese too). If I can't record it, since you say you know a little Portuguese, it is like saying "uma" (Portuguese for Galician's "unha"), but speaking/pronouncing the "m" like an "n". --Gallaecio 22:05, 22 decembro 2009 (UTC)